Exploring the Cool Role of Drones at Events

By Wiley Stickney

Published on

Image Credit: IoT World Today

You know those awesome aerial views during event coverage that make everything look epic? Those slick shots are thanks to drones! We’re so used to seeing that bird’s-eye footage blended seamlessly with the ground action. But pulling that off was way trickier back when helicopters were the only option. Drones have made it way more affordable and practical to get those stunning overhead angles. Safety is still super important, especially around big crowds, but skilled drone pilots have that covered.

Get this – the big finale at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee concert featured 400 drones putting on a mind-blowing light show in the sky! With advanced sensors and geofencing tech, they choreographed these mesmerizing formations like a stamp, teapot, and even a corgi. Drone displays are revolutionizing event entertainment, slowly replacing fireworks with these breathtaking aerial performances.

But drones aren’t just for royal shindigs. They’re also wowing fans at sporting events like Formula One races. Expert drone racers use first-person-view skills to capture pulse-pounding footage that makes you feel like you’re actually in the driver’s seat. So cool!

You’d think hiring a drone for your event would cost a fortune, but it can actually be pretty affordable, even for smaller gigs like weddings, concerts, or sports tournaments. Drones offer a totally unique perspective that kicks the whole experience up a few notches.

That overhead view is such a game-changer – it reveals details you just can’t capture from the ground. Photographers used to struggle with crowds and lug around ladders for high angles. Now drones make nailing that perfect vantage point easy-peasy. And unlike hiring a helicopter (which is insanely expensive), you can often book a drone operator for just a few hundred bucks, depending on what you need.

The image and video quality from modern drones is out of this world. We’re talking crisp 4K video and high-res photos that give pro camera gear a serious run for its money. The lenses on these drone cameras produce stunning cinematic visuals that filmmakers and photographers drool over.

Why Get Drone Coverage for Your Event?

Events like the Jubilee have shown how invaluable drones are for coverage. While big broadcasters like the BBC might use top-shelf gear and pilots, you can still get pro-level results from most skilled operators. Plus, the benefits of drone footage apply to way more than just major events. Local races like park runs and triathlons totally level up with some epic aerial action. And imagine how much more “wow” factor you get at weddings, music fests, or outdoor concerts by incorporating those sweeping overhead views!

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Drone Operator?

Televised events obviously require a whole crew of drone pilots and support staff, jacking up costs. But for local events and weddings, you can usually book just one operator for a surprisingly reasonable day rate, whether you need a half-day or full-day of coverage. If you want drone marketing videos, there may be extra editing fees to polish up that footage into a slick final product.

Wiley is a former commercial pilot and flight instructor, who has flown over 50 different types of aircraft, from small propellers to large jets. He writes about the technical aspects of flying, such as aircraft design, aerodynamics, navigation, weather, and safety.