Top 5 Best Airport Simulation Games 2024

By Wiley Stickney

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Top 5 Best Airport Simulation Games 2024
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Dive into the world of airport management with these exciting simulation games. From handling security operations to orchestrating flight schedules, you’ll get a taste of the complexities of running a bustling air traffic control (ATC) tower.

Airport Simulator 2019


  • Offers a vast, true-to-life airport environment to explore.
  • Take control of various vehicles in-game for added realism.
  • Includes realistic features like vehicle damage and staff management.


  • Experienced technical issues upon initial release but has since received updates to address them.
  • Gameplay may become repetitive after extended play.

In Airport Simulator 2019, players assume the role of an airport manager responsible for the smooth functioning of a major international hub. From procuring and maintaining vehicle fleets to training staff, every aspect of airport management is at your command. As you advance, the airport expands, accommodating larger aircraft with additional gates and runways.

‘Tower!3D Pro’

'Tower!3D Pro' 2024
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  • Showcases three visually stunning, real-world airports for players to explore.
  • Uses commands, AI, and speech recognition for an immersive gaming experience.
  • Offers voice recognition features for added realism.


  • Slightly higher price point compared to similar games on the market.
  • Limited to three maps, potentially affecting replayability.
  • Voice commands may present challenges for some players.

As the successor to the popular Tower! 2011 ATC simulator, Tower!3D Pro puts players in the shoes of air traffic controllers tasked with managing aircraft movements on active runways. The game boasts a range of features, including flight strips, radar screens, and a detailed 3D airport view. With added elements like voice recognition, multiplayer modes, and dynamic lighting effects, players can fully immerse themselves in the world of ATC.


SimAirport 2024
Image Credit: Steam


  • Offers a diverse selection of over 16 aircraft and 15 airlines, complete with realistic textures.
  • Provides continuous opportunities for expansion and optimization.
  • A beginner-friendly airport welcomes new players into the game.
  • Developers maintain active engagement with the community.


  • Currently in Early Access on Steam, indicating ongoing development.
  • Economy mechanics require some adjustments.
  • Like many Early Access titles, it may contain bugs.

SimAirport gives players complete control over every aspect of airport management, from strategic decisions to minute details on the ground. Whether you’re shaping your career in Career Mode or unleashing creativity in Sandbox Mode, you’ll build terminals, hire staff, fine-tune flight schedules, and design infrastructures like roads and fuel systems. Every choice you make impacts gameplay outcomes, right down to where you place your waste bins.

Airport CEO

Airport CEO - one of the Best Airport Simulation Games
Image Credit: Steam


  • Offers a complex simulation experience.
  • Receives regular updates to enhance gameplay.
  • Passengers are portrayed with distinct personalities, needs, and backgrounds.


  • Shares Early Access status with SimAirport on Steam.
  • Initial reviews mention occasional bugs.
  • The tutorial may lack comprehensive depth.

Airport CEO offers players a 2D tycoon and management simulation, empowering them to craft airport infrastructure while overseeing operations. Playing as the CEO, you’ll cater to passengers, hire courteous staff, and combat criminal activities, all while handling equipment malfunctions, adverse weather conditions, emergency landings, and more.

Airline Tycoon Deluxe


  • Supports up to four-player cooperative play via LAN.
  • Features an extensive roster of over 30 locations.
  • Available on mobile platforms for on-the-go gaming.


  • The comic book-inspired visuals may not appeal to those seeking realism.
  • Shows signs of aging in comparison to newer titles.

Originally launched in Germany in 1998, Airline Tycoon trades realism for humor with its vibrant and playful art style. Despite its whimsical aesthetic, the gameplay remains engaging and challenging. The Deluxe edition bundles all content from the original release and introduces 20 additional airports and gameplay opportunities. Notably, it allows multiplayer functionality for up to four players via a local area network, fostering cooperative gameplay experiences.

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