What Are the Benefits of Turkish Airlines?

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What Are the Benefits of Turkish Airlines?
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Turkish Airlines shines bright among travel options, boasting a plethora of advantages that cater to global travelers. Known for its reliability and pocket-friendly fares, Turkish Airlines promises an unforgettable journey.

With substantial investments in both its fleet and passenger services, Turkish Airlines has carved a niche for itself in the aviation realm. Esteemed aviation publications consistently applaud its top-notch service and unwavering commitment to safety.

In this article, we unravel the myriad benefits of choosing Turkish Airlines for your next adventure.

History of Turkish Airlines

Since its inception in 1933, Turkish Airlines has amassed a treasure trove of awards and honors. Named the best airline in Europe in 2015 and ranked fourth globally, it stands as a beacon of excellence in the aviation industry.

Serving as the primary conduit for Turkish air travelers, Turkish Airlines boasts a vast network of over 200 international destinations and 247 flight routes. It ranks among the top four airlines worldwide for flight routes and third-largest in Europe, with its headquarters nestled in Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines Ticket Choices: Economy, Business, and Comfort

Turkish Airlines presents travelers with three ticket tiers: economy, business, and comfort. The economy class, a favorite among many, offers an array of amenities aimed at ensuring passenger comfort. Each passenger receives a comfort kit, along with the freedom to choose seats and cancel tickets as needed.

In the business class, passengers luxuriate in generous legroom and fully reclining seats, complemented by amenities like reading lights and adjustable tables. Gourmet dining options, featuring an assortment of delectable dishes, fruits, and desserts, elevate the flying experience for business-class travelers.

The comfort class delivers a solid service package at an affordable rate. You’ll enjoy personal monitors, handy reading lights, and cozy seats perfect for those long-haul journeys.

Benefits of Turkish Airlines

Seat Comfort and Space

Turkish Airlines stands out for its roomy seating arrangements, ensuring travelers of all sizes can stretch out comfortably. With ample legroom and adjustable headrests, you’ll stay relaxed throughout your entire trip.

Pet-Friendly Policies

Bringing your furry friend along? Turkish Airlines welcomes pets on board, allowing small pets to travel in the cabin as carry-on luggage. Just give them a heads-up if you have multiple pets. For larger companions, arrangements can be made for travel in the cargo hold, offering flexibility for pet owners.

Turkish Airlines Pet-Friendly Policies
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Top-Notch Safety Standards

Safety is paramount at Turkish Airlines, boasting an impressive track record in safety reviews. Rigorous measures are in place to safeguard both passengers and their belongings, ensuring a worry-free journey.

High Marks for Passenger Satisfaction

Known for its delectable dining options and comfy seats, Turkish Airlines consistently earns rave reviews in passenger satisfaction surveys. Travelers rave about the overall experience, making it a top pick for many.

Spotless Spaces and Hygiene

Turkish Airlines maintains rigorous cleanliness standards, with staff meticulously cleaning surfaces and seating throughout flights. Upon arrival, passengers can rest assured knowing that stringent hygiene protocols are in place. Plus, with extra precautions in light of COVID-19, travelers can fly with confidence, knowing their health is a top priority.

Evaluating Turkish Airlines: Reviews and Ratings

Turkish Airlines has secured its place as a traveler favorite, with glowing reviews highlighting its affordability and comfortable seating. While it excels in in-flight dining, there’s still room to boost safety ratings.

Exploring Istanbul During Transit

Transit trips with Turkish Airlines offer a golden opportunity to explore Istanbul’s rich history. With iconic attractions like Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia beckoning, a short detour is a must. Plus, Istanbul Airport’s proximity to the city center makes sightseeing a breeze.

Complimentary Hotel Stays

Got a long layover? No problem! Turkish Airlines offers free hotel accommodations, regardless of your ticket class. Layovers over 10 hours for economy and 7 hours for business class entitle passengers to this thoughtful perk, adding extra value to your journey.

Awards and Recognitions

Turkish Airlines proudly displays a trophy case filled with prestigious awards, including honors from Skytrax and Air Transport News. From Best European Airline to Best Premium Economy Flight Class, these accolades underscore the airline’s dedication to excellence.

Baggage Allowance Guidelines

Your baggage allowance depends on your ticket type, typically ranging from 20kg for economy to 30kg for business class on international flights. Be mindful of excess baggage, as it may incur additional fees, so pack wisely!

Overview of the Fleet

With a robust fleet of 383 aircraft, Turkish Airlines operates a diverse array of passenger planes. From its humble beginnings with five planes in 1933, the airline has soared to new heights, primarily relying on Airbus and Boeing aircraft. The Airbus A350, its latest addition, signals continued expansion.

the fleet of Turkish Airlines

Aircraft TypeSeries
Airbus A319-100Airbus A319-100 series
Airbus A320-200Airbus A320 200 series
Airbus A321-200Airbus A321 200 series
Airbus A321neoAirbus A321neo
Airbus A330-200Airbus A330 200 series
Airbus A330-300Airbus A330 300 series
Airbus A350-900Airbus A350 900 series
Boeing 737-700Boeing 737 700 series
Boeing 737-800Boeing 737 800 series
Boeing 737-900ERBoeing 737 900ER series
Boeing 737 MAX 8Boeing 737 MAX 8 series
Boeing 737 MAX 9Boeing 737 MAX 9 series
Boeing 777-300ERBoeing 777 300ER series
Boeing 787-9Boeing 787 Series 9


Turkish Airlines has earned its stripes with investments in flight quality, safety, and modern amenities. Its stellar reputation is further solidified by a slew of industry accolades. Booking Turkish Airlines tickets is a breeze through turkishairlines.com, ensuring a seamless travel experience from start to finish.

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